Chapter 1

Jolt wiped the sweat from his chest and threw the towel in the laundry shoot.  One day he’d get around to finding out who did their cleaning!

He peeled off his shorts and hit the shower.  Long ago, he’d given up the lycra costumes to fight crime almost au naturale.

The benefits were immediate; so much so that rest of the Legion, and even some of their foes had taken to doing the same:

  • Faster to get changed
  • Cheaper than replacing wrecked costumes each week
  • No restrictions of movement
  • It looked hot!

That last one was a joke, but behind the chuckle, it was also true. Heroes were the paragons of society and their good looks encouraged the ordinary people to model themselves on the virtues they extolled.  Ergo, if you've got it, flaunt it!  Besides, Jolt loved the feel of the breeze combing through his ample chest hair as he charged across town to the rescue.

Fever joined Jolt in the shower block and they shared the same stream of warm water.  Without a word, Fever took the soap and began washing Jolt’s back.  He was a faithful sidekick, even at times like this when he needed the soap far more than Jolt did.

The mud formed a landslide down Fever’s taut body as the water washed away the evidence of his embarrassing fall in the dirt.  It had been a dirty fight anyway, with Quicksand turning the ground beneath them into sludge. But Jolt had faced that foe many times and knew what to expect, leaping forward and tasering the villain with his electric touch before the ground began to soften beneath the nearby skyscrapers.  Fever however, was caught off-guard and toppled into the growing quagmire before he knew what was happening. 

Ah, to be so innocent again, Jolt thought, remembering his early days fighting crime.  In this business, you learned the hard way, and you never made the same mistake twice.

Jolt turned into Fever and took the soap from him, gliding it gently over his ward’s chest.

“They say a mud bath is good for the skin,” Jolt teased.

Fever backhanded him across the arm, and the soap dropped to the tiled floor.  Jolt smiled as they both eyed the soap then each other.  Fever sighed and slowly sunk to his knees before his mentor.

He opened his mouth but was cut short by the sudden burst of the alarm.  Instantly, the duo were out of the shower, drying themselves off as they raced to the control room.  The printers were already spewing out details of the crisis while the wall of monitors showed the worried face of the Chief of Police over the one-way video link. His plea for help was full of urgency and frustration.

Like a well oiled machine, the duo split. Jolt tore open the lockers to grab fresh shorts for both of them, tossing one pair to Fever, who caught it without looking up.  His other hand had already sent a response to the Chief, letting them know they were on the case.  On the monitors, a suburban street was now on show, with crashed cars and frightened people littering the street and nearby playground.

“It’s Bounce,” Fever read off the missive. “Up to his usual tricks.  No one hurt except for a bit of whiplash, but lots of property damage.”

Jolt growled. “Bounce?!  Haven’t seen him for a while.  What’s he been up to? It’s not like him to be this overt.  Come on… you can take this one. He’s a harmless prankster, more annoying than anything. It’ll be good practice for you.”

And with bodies still glistening from their recent shower, the fighting duo charged to the scene.  On the monitor’s behind them, a large, circular shadow burst into view, slamming into the camera and killing all transmission.

Chapter 2

“Now listen up,” Jolt instructed Fever as they turned the corner to face the havoc in the playground.  Car sirens wailed, crowds huddled and broken glass lined the road where a few vehicles had collided.

“Bounce is a prankster. He’s a kid that just likes to have fun.  He can be hard to catch, but if you do, turn on the heat.  If he’s in his rubber state, he’ll start melting, so while you’ve got hold of him, a little warmth will be all you need to keep him under control.”

“Got it,” Fever grinned, and looked down at his palms as they began to glow red. Even at low heat, he could feel the warmth reaching his face.

“Not too hot!” Jolt warned. “You don’t want to hurt him; just subdue him.”

Fever nodded and switched off his internal thermometer. 

“I’ll slip in from behind, if you distract him from the front,” Fever said. He liked being given the reigns.  Jolt nodded and ran forward, leaving Fever to slip behind the crowd to come up from the rear. 

A shadow passed by overhead and Fever looked up in time to see Bounce summersault high in the air, laughing gleefully.  In the distance, he heard Jolt’s voice booming out an order for Bounce to cease and desist.  The response was more laughter and the honk of another car alarm being set off.

Fever reached the far side of the crowd and slipped into the open in time to see Jolt lunge at their quarry. 

“Missed me!” Bounce laughed and sprung into the air, twisting around to land just a few feet in front of Fever. “And as if I didn’t see you sneaking around the back,” he admonished jokingly with a wag of his finger.

The youthfulness of Bounce took Fever by surprised. He barely looked out of his teens, with beautiful locks of blond hair riding on a body of silky smooth skin.  His model looks took Fever’s breath away but that moment’s hesitation was all Bounce needed.

“Ta ta!” Bounce waved and shot high over Fever, hitting the ground at a run. 

Fever took chase, losing ground against the agility of Bounce has he sprung over the high fence separating the playground from the empty school yard.  By the time Fever had climbed over it the hard way, Bounce was already disappearing around the nearest building.  Behind him, Jolt was also running, but too far back to matter.

Fever practically skidded around the corner of the school block, just in time to see a distant door close.  Great! he thought, he’s gone inside. Too many places to hide!

He charged across the courtyard and into the building, we’re he glimpsed Bounce vanishing around the corner at the far end of the corridor.  He followed through the maze, each time just glimpsing the vanishing youth before he disappeared from sight. Up stairs, down stairs, around another bend… the chase continued, until the final corner sealed the result.

Fever braced his hand against the wall for balance as he took the corner but as he came around, the dark figure of a man caught his other wrist, using Fever’s momentum to spin him 360 and slam him back into the wall.

Fever grunted, the wind knocked from him as the man pinned his hands against the wall by his ears and pressed his dark, muscular torso against Fever’s to sandwich him against the wall.  Fever’s chest heaved for breath and over the stranger’s shoulder, he saw Bounce crouched low, panting hard, but grinning at Fever’s predicament.

The stranger’s eyes seemed to twirl like a vortex as he whispered “Look into my eyes” in a smooth, deep voice. Fever couldn't help but stare into them and found himself unable to look away. His mind clouded over and his body locked up.  He couldn't move!

The man smiled and slowly pulled back. For amusement, he bent forward and licked Fever's exposed torso, from stomach to neck.  He chuckled and stepped back beside Bounce, leaving Fever frozen in position against the wall.

Chapter 3

On the floor below, Jolt tore through the building as fast and quietly as he could, looking for any sign of Fever and Bounce.

It was so unlike Bounce to be this upfront. The kid was harmless, so far as foes went, but his troublemaking could always lead to an unexpected accident.  Fever was far too inexperienced to think ahead. He still reacted to the here and now too much, and that meant even Bounce could accidentally do him harm.

The silence of the empty school hallways was making Jolt worry.  He should be hearing Bounce laugh, or the distant running of feet… or something!  But instead there was silence.

The doors on this floor all seemed locked, so he hit the stairs three at a time.  His years as a child soldier back home in Israel had taught him from an early age to think quick, maintain his fitness and fight hard when needed, so the stairs weren’t an issue, even after all that running.

When Jolt’s powers had surfaced during puberty, he took those lessons and fled to a better life in the west… only to learn that western cultures were just as cruel to each other. The only difference was they weren’t as overt about it.  As that sad realisation dawned on him, he committed himself to use his strengths to better the world, not for one nation or belief, but for everyone. World Citizens. One step at a time.

Jolt paused at the top of the stairs and listened. Nothing.  He eased forward and then suddenly, a snort, like a muffled laugh, from somewhere up ahead.

Jolt rushed forward with stealth, bracing himself against the wall as he reached the corner.  He craned his neck to listen. A moment later, he heard the sound again: quiet laughter.  Cautiously, he peered around the corner. At first, he saw nothing in the dim light of the unlit corridor, and then his heart skipped a beat as his focus found its mark.

At the far end of the corridor, Bounce crouched, hugging the leg of a figure Jolt couldn’t immediately identify. In a trick of the light, the black skin of the stranger seemed to shimmer, as though covered in oil.  The stranger stood in the centre of the walkway, facing Jolt’s direction, as though expecting him. 

More surprising than that, Jolt saw Fever to one side of them, pressed unmoving against the wall, arms up by his ears as though nailed to the wall.

Jolt stepped into the corridor. He faced the stranger like a scene from a gun-slinging showdown, and it was then that he recognised the man.

“Seduction!” he gasped and involuntarily reeled back a step.  One of the world’s most dangerous villains was standing before him. The last he'd heard, Seduction had barely been stopped from seizing control of New Zealand’s government and turning the entire country into an orgy of slaves.

“Another one for the harem,” Seduction laughed, his powerful voice booming down the corridor.  Bounce echoed the laugh, bobbing up and down in excitement.

Jolt stepped forward, fists clenching as he felt the tingle of electricity entering his fingertips.  He let the power build up slowly, rising with each step. He needed to get close enough to Seduction to make physical contact. One jolt of electricity from his fingertips and Seduction would be out for the count. 

He was too far back to be caught by Seduction’s hypnotic eyes, but he didn’t know how far reaching that deadly gaze would be.  He kept his own eyes focussed on the villain’s chest to be safe, admiring the rippled stomach and towering torso that could make any man swoon.

Seduction stood his ground, allowing Jolt to come to him.   

It has to be a trap! Jolt thought, but as his eyes scanned the empty corridor, he could see no trip wire or sensor or other deadly contraption. Both Seduction and Bounce were showing too much skin to be hiding a weapon, and there hadn’t been enough time for the super villain to have taken control of Fever's mind yet.

Jolt edged forward. Perhaps Seduction didn’t know of his powers and was hoping to grapple Jolt down and force him to stare into those eyes. 

Bounce snorted, and covered his mouth to hold back a burst of gleeful laughter.

Jolt was only a few metres away from them now. He dared to raise his eyes slightly, just in time to see a smirk slide over Seduction's lips.

“Now,” the villain said with unnerving calm. 

Bounce squealed with delight. For a moment, his entire body seemed to wobble as he transformed to rubber and bounced himself across the hall to slam into the wall beside Fever. 

An instant later, the high pitched bell of the fire alarm screamed through the air.  The fire sprinklers burst to life, and water plummeted down on Jolt, connecting with the electricity that had been building up through his arms. His eyes widened and his mouth opened in a gargled scream as his body convulsed violently and the power surge threw him into the wall. His body stiffened and shook like an Earth tremor as the water turned his own power against him.

He slipped in the water and lost his footing, crashing to the ground where he lay in spasms until the energy subsided.

Seduction came forward and looked down on the fallen hero.  His eyes ran lasciviously over Jolt’s toned, masculine chest and he 'harrumphed!' with satisfaction before lifting the unconscious figure into a fireman’s hold.

“Bring him,” Seduction ordered Bounce, nodding towards Fever.  “This is where the fun begins.”

Chapter 4

Jolt woke with a start, his entire body aching from the electric shock he’d suffered.  He was tied to the four corners of a shallow tray that kept him in an inch of tepid water.  He struggled against the ropes that lashed his wrists and ankles, attracting the attention of his captors with the splashing.

“Welcome back,” Bounce grinned, bounding over to Jolt’s side.  “The boss is a bit busy right now, but I’m sure he’ll be with you soon.” 

He pointed across the room and Jolt’s eyes followed.  Fever was lashed front-first to a 6ft block of solid ice, his arms wrapped around the rectangular sculpture as though hugging it.  His face was turned towards Jolt’s, distress and fear evident in his eyes.

Behind him, Seduction pressed against Fever’s back in slow rhythmic thrusts that stemmed from the villain’s naked groin.  Seduction’s fingers wrapped around Fever’s torso, squeezing inbetween the flesh and the ice to dance amongst Fever’s chest hair. 

Jolt could see Fever trying to melt the ice with his heated hands, but with so much of his body pressed into it, Fever was having a hard time generating enough heat to escape.  God knows how long he’d been lashed to it, cooling his body temperature before he’d come to his senses enough to try using his power.

Seduction had entered Fever from behind, thrusting his unseen tool deep into his prey.  Any moment now, he would climax inside and the viral semen would put Fever under his captor’s control.

Their breathing was heavy and the surprising gentleness of Seduction’s erotic gyrations would have turned Jolt on in better circumstances.

As if sensing this, Bounce stood over Jolt’s shoulder and began massaging the prisoner’s chest, ensuring he didn’t obstruct the view.  He toyed with Jolt’s nipples and stretched down to fondle the hair that snaked up the navel.

Jolt struggled against his bonds again, looking up at the pretty boy’s face hovering above him.

“What are you doing, Bounce?” he growled. “You’re out of your league!”  But even as he said it, he knew Bounce had been the first to fall under Seduction’s control.

Bounce grinned, an elastic arm stretching down to Jolt’s groin, and it was then that Jolt realised he’d been stripped naked too.  His back arched as rubber-like fingers encircled his cock like a well-fitted condom. All Jolt could see now was the smooth, supple torso of his tormentor; pink nipples hard and erect, only millimetres from his lips.

He groaned softly and he arched again as the fingers began stroking in a steady rhythm that matched Seduction’s conquest.  Jolt turned away from the circular pink temptations above him and looked back at his hapless assistant.  Fever’s mouth was open wide in a silent gasp.  Seduction’s hands had snaked up Fever’s chest to hold him unnecessarily in a full nelson. 

Sweat trickled down Seduction’s back. He pressed his cheek against the back of Fever’s head, eyes closed as his thrusting became more urgent.  He nibbled on Fever’s earlobe and suddenly convulsed with a gargled moan.  His knees buckled slightly and his grip tightened on Fever as he exploded inside his captive.  Fever gave a little cry, shuddering too before his body relaxed and he slumped against the ice.

Jolt also uttered a cry, as the dismay of his friend’s plight coalesced with the building tension in his own cock.  Bounce was tugging hard now; harder and faster, his torso stretched down then length of Jolt’s so that his moist lips taunted the tip of Jolt’s dick with each downward stoke.  His stomach pressed down on Jolt’s cheek, forcing the hero to face Fever’s demise.

Seduction had stepped back from Fever now and was untying his latest convert.  He took Fever’s hand and led him over to Jolt’s side.  Bounce moved to the opposite side of the water-logged tray, careful not to break the pulse of his handywork below.

Jolt closed his eyes tight to avoid Seduction’s gaze.

“Don’t worry,” Seduction laughed, running a finger up Jolt’s torso. “I don’t need to mesmerise you. You’re already my prisoner.  But you will be my slave.”

“Never!” Jolt gasped, close to orgasm.  He opened his eyes and clenched every aching muscle in a vain attempt to prevent himself from cumming.

“Then die,” Seduction said, and stepped aside.  Fever stepped in; a once-trusty sidekick and friend.  And with a calm and unflinching face, Fever grabbed Jolt around the throat and squeezed.