Chapter 35

For a moment, no one moved. The stillness in the room was only met with the heavy breathing of The Brotherhood and the frightening calm of Seduction's Superhero League. It was as though no one wanted to be the one to make the first move.

No one, that is, except O'Shay. Choosing the one hero with no physical super power, O'Shay stepped up behind Brains and crushed him in a bear hug, pinning the youth's arms to his side. O'Shay lifted him off his feet and Brains yelped with surprise. It was the smoking gun. The room erupted.

Quake shoved Simmi away as his companions advanced quickly. Crunch was the biggest danger in the room with his unstoppable strength. Jackhammer was nowhere to be seen and although Quake knew he would come out worse for wear, he was the only one who could possibly stand a chance of slowing Crunch down.

He leapt on Crunch's back, piggybacking the muscleman and releasing a strong quake through his body. Crunch cried out, his body spasming as the tremor jarred his very bones. His legs gave way and the duo fell to the floor, Quake holding on tight. The roar that ripped from Crunch's throat sounded, ironically, like a jackhammer.

Across the room, O'Shay spun Brains around, banging him into the wall. Brains grunted and kicked out with his flailing legs, pushing off the wall sending the two of them staggering backwards and over. Brains broke free of the grip and launched himself on O'Shay, their hairy chests colliding as they toppled to the floor and rolled around in a battle for the top.

Nearby, Fever dropped to his knees, his body arching as invisible hands tackled him from behind. Vis pulled Fever's arms above his head and pressed a knee into Fever's back, his mind racing as he felt Fever turn on the heat already. In mere seconds, Fever would be too hot to touch and Vis knew he would have to let go.

Attack and retreat! Brains' advice rang in Vis' ear. He let go of Fever with a shove that sent the hero sprawling onto the ground. As Fever rolled over to face his invisible foe, Vis stepped to one side and dropped with an elbow in Fever's stomach. Fever doubled over gagging as Vis rolled away and sprung to his feet for another quick attack.

In the air, Hawk eyed Jolt, who hovered near Seduction ready to protect his master. He saw Simmi making a beeline for Jolt too and prepared to dive so they could strike the Super League's fallen leader simultaneously. Simmi looked up and saw Hawk waiting, knowing immediately what Hawk had in mind. He circled fast to the other side of Jolt and leapt onto the wall, springing himself off it in a flying attacked. Above and behind Jolt, Hawk dove, fists clasped and extended like a battering ram in front of him.

Jolt dropped into a half crouch, extending an arm in either direction, releasing bolts of lightening from either hand. The air in the room was electrified as the rays of electricity struck Simmi and Hawk simultaneously, cutting them short and sending them collapsing mid flight to the ground, convulsing.

Seduction watched the furore unflinchingly. He stood proud and tall, knowing his minions would quickly defeat the junior combatants. It wasn't cockiness. It was fact. Until then, he was privy the a beautiful sight. Man on man, flesh on flesh. Glistening bodies and straining muscles, all for his amusement. He felt his cock stir and resisted the urge to stroke it.

He was surprised and disappointed that Quake had changed sides. Across the room he could see Bounce peering out the window bars of the door that locked him away. Bounce had been such a faithful servant, Seduction had all but forgotten that he'd never been 'converted' by force. He'd let the youth molest Quake to his heart's content, undoing Seduction's control. It was a mistake Seduction would not make again. It was a mistake that Bounce would pay for dearly when all this was over.

He wanted to stride over there, release Bounce from his prison and punish him now, but the heat of the battle before him was too alluring to ignore. There was O'Shay with his hands choking Brains. The absurdity of Fever looking as though he were fighting with himself was none the less intoxicating as he held his invisible enemy in a headlock on the ground. The exotic Quake was receiving his just desserts with a sustained but controlled battering by Crunch, who held back his punches just enough so as not to pound Quake's stomach into the wall permanently. And then there was Jolt. Beautiful, powerful, masterful Jolt, his vowed protector and lover, stepping towards the two convulsing bodies of Hawke and Simmi.

It was disappointing that the battle was over so soon. Perhaps he could direct his men to have some fun with The Brotherhood and traitors before he converted them. All it would take would be a thought. Just a thought, transmitted to his army.

Seduction smiled at the thought. And it was sent.

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