Chapter 36

Seduction's naked army were in control and their glistening bodies of perfection made him want more. He wanted the delicious, timeless vision of everyone naked and writhing on the floor before him.

With just that thought transmitted, he watched Jolt rip the pants off Simmi and Hawke as they lay convulsing on the floor. Jolt placed one hand on each of their groins and sent a tingling flow of electricity through his palms, stimulating their groins just enough for a reaction. The two gasped loudly, arching on the ground even as their twitching became less. The flow fed back into Jolt's body, stimulating his own organ too. He was ready to use both of them as soon as Seduction gave the word.

Fever straddled Vis, his hands pressing down flat against the invisible body.

"Let me see you!" he demanded, releasing a burst of heat. Vis cried out and crystallised. Fever immediately stripped him then hauled Vis' feet into the air, flipping him face down again, into a Boston Crab.

Quake was already naked and Crunch turned him into the wall and sandwiched him against it in a full nelson.

"Try quaking now," Crunch growled, "and I'll rip your arms out their sockets."

Quake winced knowing that a sudden strong rumble from him could cause his shoulders to dislocate just as easily as a light vibration would give Crunch the impetus to dislocate them deliberately.

Crunch held him tight, no longer punishing Quake's aching body. He was awaiting further instructions. The only thing now that moved was Crunch's impatient cock jabbing against Quake's arse.

Across the room, Brains clawed at O'Shay's face. As the Irishman cried out, Brains kicked him off and quickly pounced on his back, wrapping an arm around his throat. O'Shay gagged, looking up at his new Master. The sight of Seduction's disapproving stare seemed to give him strength and he rose to all fours then leapfrogged further into the room and rolled over, surprising Brains with an elbow to the ribs.

He pulled himself free and tore at Brains' pants, throwing the prize toward Seduction. He yanked his own pants off as Brain's climbed to his feet and charged him. They tumbled a few steps, grappling and Brains brought a knee into O'Shay's hip. O'Shay jerked away instinctively and Brains used that moment to throw him off balance and slip behind O'Shay to pin his arms behind him.

O'Shay struggled but Brains held him firmly as it slowly registered with them both that they were the only ones still fighting. The room was still as the loser of each fight was held in place by the victor… except them. It dawned on them too, that Brains was the only one on the side of good still standing. The knowledge terrified Brains and inspired O'Shay to land a kick in his shins.

Brain's yelped as O'Shay pulled free and grabbed at him, throwing him across the room. Brains staggered, losing his footing and sliding along the ground, landing only a few feet in front of Seduction himself. He fought back the tears that suddenly welled in his eyes. His arm was on fire where the scrape across the floor had torn away flesh and left a matrix of dark red droplets in its wake.

He rolled onto his other arm and began rising to his feet, but O'Shay was suddenly by his side and kicking him down, pinning him with a foot on his chest.

O'Shay looked up, smiled triumphantly at his new master and flexed, proud of coming out on top against a supposed super hero in the making. He looked down at Brains and spat. Brains winced and O'Shay looked at Seduction for approval. He dropped his flexing arms and the smile drained from his face.

Brains saw the change of expression and turned to look at Seduction. His eyes widened and his head filled with a horrifying snapshot of the next few seconds.

He heard his own cry like a voice at half speed as O'Shay stumbled backwards in a slow motion dance. Brains raised his arms to protect his head but they took an eternity to get there. With all his superior intelligence, he could never have predicted the fury that suddenly erupted and, God help him, he was right in the path of it…

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