Chapter 22

Gyan waited impatiently in the classroom, blinds drawn to ensure privacy. The camera was recording, and he wore headphones, piping a dramatic classical score so he wouldn’t hear Vis enter.

He scrawled tomorrow’s lesson on the blackboard, trying to look busy, but all the while wishing he’d turned the heater up a notch. He was getting goosebumps standing around in nothing but his striped lycra shorts. They were perfect for a bit of action, but not for just standing around.

He felt Vis enter rather than hear him. The poor kid was so frightened that he was practically yelling on a psychic level. Despite a fine physique, good athleticism and quick thinking, Vis lacked confidence. He’d always felt his ability to turn invisible was somehow less than the talents of the others. Gyan hoped that today would help Vis overcome that.

Vis was reciting the alphabet in his head, over and over again. A nice touch. He couldn’t disguise his emotions, but he was he was hiding his thoughts so Gyan wouldn’t know what he was planning. Gyan smiled. He was impressed.

He waited until he felt Vis nearby, then put the chalk down and turned around. A square of cloth was floating in the air, grasped by Vis’ unseen hand. As Gyan’s eyes honed in on it, the cloth flew into his face. Gyan was pushed back against the blackboard and the bitter smell of chloroform filled his nostrils.

Gyan lashed out instinctively and knocked Vis’ hand away. The cloth flitted to the ground and Gyan grabbed Vis around the throat, spinning him around to slam him against the blackboard. Vis lost his transparency as he lost his concentration. He was naked, as he always had to be when invisible.

Gyan held Vis at arms length, keeping himself just out of reach of the chiselled youth. Vis’ fingertips brushed over his coarse chest fur, and Gyan found himself wishing the stud wasn’t his student.

He shook his head against the brief dose of chloroform he’d received. It was powerful stuff, taking only a handful of seconds to knock someone out. He’d received at least a few seconds of it and the drug was taking its toll.

Sensing this, Vis grabbed Gyan’s wrist with both hands and pushed. Gyan stumbled backward, falling on top of his desk. His hand was yanked free from Vis’ throat and thrown aside. Gyan’s muscular bulk lay across the desk as Vis grabbed his pecs and used them as a springboard to leap up on top of him.

Oh, if not for that camera! Gyan thought, looking up at the smooth skinned Romeo above him. His mind was in a muddle, letting thoughts in that shouldn’t be there. The fact that Viz had managed to get him down made him all the more hornier. He had to fight the longing to take control and satisfy his urges. He was light-headed from the chloroform, but not incapacitated enough to overpower the youth. His bulk alone would be enough to topple the lightweight on top of him.

Vis kneeled on Gyan’s biceps, and clasped his hands to push them over the edge of the desk. Gyan arched up a little, careful not to tip Vis off the desk.

“I think the most humiliating thing for a teacher is to be forced to do what his pupil says.” Vis applied more pressure on Gyan’s hands to make his point. If he pushed hard enough, the pain starting to build in Gyan’s wrists would increase to an unbearable level.

“Argh!” Gyan gasped, then added through clenched teeth: “Every dog has his day, but this isn’t your’s!”

Vis applied more pressure and the harder he tortured Gyan, the harder Vis’ erection seemed to grow. It bounced above Gyan’s face now like a flagpole in storm.

“I want you to suck me off,” Vis demanded, and raised himself slightly so his cock touch Gyan’s lips. It would be so easy for Gyan to knock Vis off right now – all it would take would be a single buck or the quick raise of a knee. But he let himself lay trapped. To build his confidence, Vis had to win. Gyan raised his head and swallowed the veiny shaft whole.

Vis gasped, and released his grip to hold Gyan’s head on his dick, pushing it in and out over the shaft. Gyan mumbled a curse and yanked his arms out from under Vis’ knees. He grabbed the youth’s arms, flipping him over and slamming him down onto the desk.

Vis cried out but locked his legs around Gyan’s head. It was a tight grip, to Gyan’s surprise, supplemented by Vis digging into Gyan’s scalp and pushing his face back into his crotch. The kid was strong. He’d give him that, even if he wasn’t a legitimate match.

Gyan debated rising up and letting Vis hang upside down from the leg lock but thought better of it. It had been quick thinking for Vis to apply the leg lock around his head in the first place. Instead of breaking free, Gyan took the eager dick in his mouth again. He didn’t crawl onto all fours, but remained on his stomach, giving Vis full control again. The strong, hairless legs pressed down on his back and squeezed his head. It felt good. He loved the masculine smell of Vis as testosterone tore through the lad’s body and the lad’s mind broadcast silent moans and groans, begging for more. In other circumstances, Gyan might have read deeper thoughts and pleased Vis in all the secret ways he was thinking of. But he had to let Vis stay in control this time.

Gyan pumped and sucked with his mouth, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before one so young climaxed. They never did seem to last long at a young age. Vis was only just twenty, the youngest of The Brotherhood. And sure enough, the sudden spasms of ecstasy filled Gyan’s mouth with a warm, gushing fluid. Gyan opened his throat to let the sperm shoot through. It was better than choking on a gag reflex! And cumming inside Gyan’s mouth was the added thrill that would help Vis lap up his victory.

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