Chapter 32

Jackhammer pressed into the wall, his cheek white from the invisible pressure that forced it against the cold hard slab. His hands were lifted to head height and refused to move. His erect cock bounced its moist head against the wall while behind him, Jolt leaned in, scratching his back with his hairy chest. With eyes half closed and his mouth slightly open, Jackhammer looked ready to climax at the mere touch of Jolt's warm breath on the back of his neck. But inside his mind, it was another story.

Jackhammer yelled abuse at the top of his voice although the only sound was his heavy breathing. It was all in his head, where his mind rang with alarm as he tried to break free. Seduction's mesmerising stare had left him paralysed, unable to move except at the whim of his powerful captor. It had only taken a moment of eye contact to seal Jackhammer's fate, and now under Seduction's erotic control, he was about to be abused by his peers.

He didn't know how long the effects of Seduction's eye contact would last, but he was sure it would be long enough for the villain to have his fun before taking control of Jackhammer's mind completely. One by one, his fellow Superhero League, all inescapably under Seduction's power, would take their turn to molest him. The acts would culminate in Seduction himself entering Jackhammer against his will and cementing his dominance. Once Seduction's semen entered Jackhammer, the criminal's mind harness would be permanent. Jackhammer knew he had to find a way out before that time came.

The room was filled with the gasping moans of an orgy. Seduction himself was crushing Bounce in his arms as they kissed passionately; Seduction's heaving dark chest almost swallowing the smaller, pale frame of his blond assistant. On the periphery of Jackhammer's vision, he could see the mighty Quake guide the hungry lips of Jolt's lover, Fever, down his chest. Quake's eyes never left Jackhammer as he smiled and gasped at each tender kiss on his stomach. On his own,  Crunch leaned back in a chair, licking his lips and stroking his cock as he watched his nemesis fall victim to Jolt's advances.

Jolt's arms embraced Jackhammer from behind and immediately began to caress Jackhammer's nipples. His lips found Jackhammer's exposed cheek, while below his cock poked playfully at Jackhammer's butt.

Jackhammer felt one hand glide down his trunk to tantalise his cock while Jolt's other hand now reached for his own cock to guide it into Jackhammer's waiting hole. The sudden pressure made Jackhammer gasp but his muscles relaxed against his will to let Jolt enter him.

Quake and Fever were suddenly by their side, eager to join in the action. Instinctively, Jolt turned to Fever and their tongues glided passionately into each other's mouths. Quake drew them together in an embrace and smiled at how easily distracted the lovers were with each other. He sandwiched himself between them and Jackhammer, his beard surprisingly soft as he tried kissing the corner of Jackhammer's mouth.

"I'm free," Quake muttered under his breath and Jackhammer's mind screamed again. The devastation of falling for Jolt's same ploy still crushed him, and now Quake was trying the same. He knew there was no escape from Seduction's grasp, and as Quake pulled him from the wall and turned him around to kiss him more fully, Jackhammer's frustration exploded. His mind, white hot with fury, saw nothing but the burning, maelstrom of rage that engulfed him.

His arm moved, wrapping itself around Quake. There was no power in the move but the movement had been his. Quake returned the embrace and gently pushed Jackhammer back against the wall as Jolt and Fever began to return their combined attention to him. Jackhammer tightened his grip and he heard a soft grunt from Quake.

"Fight it," Quake whispered, and Jackhammer raised his other arm, completing the weak bear hug. He pressed into Quake with his chest and felt Quake brace himself with a foot. The move had been enough to push him slightly off balance.

Jolt and Fever were at either side now, peeling Jackhammer's arms from around Quake. They held his arms up high, using both hands to pin each one of Jackhammer's. Their mouths licked at Jackhammer's sides and armpits, leaving his body exposed for Quake to explore his glistening pecs with his mouth.

Jackhammer strained but his control wasn't returning fast enough to break free. With a Hero on each arm, he couldn't muster the strength to remove their grip. It was no longer as important though. So long as Seduction remained oblivious to his growing freedom, there was a chance he could get through this now.

But what of Quake? Was he sincere? As impossible as it seemed, Jackhammer clutched once more at the hope of an ally. Could this sudden hint of freedom, timed a bit too neatly with the appearance of a supposed ally be just another one of Seduction's cruel games? His logic told him it was, but desperation and hope was all he had to cling to.

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