Chapter 11

Jolt’s fingers dug deep into Seduction’s back, eliciting a moan of satisfaction.

“Go harder,” Seduction ordered, and Jolt obeyed, massaging the smooth, taut flesh deeper. Soon, Seduction would abandon the massage for passion, but for now, he relaxed at Jolt’s masterful touch. He sunk into the low-backed plush seat and lost himself in Jolt’s touch.

He needed this relaxation. The escape of Jackhammer had infuriated him and he had a deep purple bruise on his forehead to remind him.  With Crush and Jackhammer under his control, he could have moved forward with his plans but Jackhammer’s getaway put a kink in his timeline.

Seduction had learnt the hard way after his near miss in New Zealand. Capturing the local superheroes had been a snap over there, just like here. But he hadn’t taken into account that Australia was nearby. The entire New Zealand armed forces took him on and were soon joined by the Aussie forces. Their combined forces, the ANZACS, had taught the American and British troupes a lot during the second world war so it was no surprise that these supposedly minor countries would pose a challenge now. Even with his legion of champions, there had been too much artillery and too many skilled soldiers to combat them all. In the end, his minions had fallen, either captured or dead, and he was forced to flee the country. Never kick a dog just because it’s just a pup. One day the pup will grow up. And make friends.

This time, he’d planned it better. He’d learnt from his mistakes.  And he had a back-up plan in case something like this happened. The world would fall at his feet, including New Zealand and those damned Aussies.

At Seduction's feet now however, Bounce reaped the benefits of his own conquest. It was an odd sight, seeing such a lithe young beauty play master to the muscled Arabic stud who crouched on all fours in front of him.  A studded dog collar circled Quake’s neck and Bounce clasp the accompanying chain in his hand.

Of course, Quake would have no compunction to bow down to Bounce, given that he was under Seduction’s control.  Seduction had promised Bounce a prize for his loyalty, and the kid’s impressive subjugation of Quake had earned him a ‘pet’.

Contrary to popular belief, Seduction had never seized control of Bounce. The kid had been a willing pupil from the start. In fact, Bounce was so eager to learn from the master that at one point, Seduction had found himself questioning whether he’d fucked Bounce and forgotten. Even his forced slaves didn’t seem so committed as the rubbery rogue.

Bounce delighted in having Quake completely his mercy. His beaming face made it more than obvious.  Tugging on the dog chain, Bounce was riding Quake’s rear like a bull on heat.  His free hand waved in the air rodeo-style and he ordered Quake repeatedly to use his power to create minor tremors inside his arse. Quake was his own personal vibrator!

Across the room, Crunch was chained to a whipping post, where Fever claimed him as a punching bag. Fist after fist collided with Crunch’s rippled abs. As sweat glistened over Fever’s tanned torso, Crunch lapped up the punishment, growing hornier with each blow. His erection was immense, impatiently await Fever’s attention.

The sight of both duos made Seduction hot as hell.  He reached over his shoulder and took Jolt’s hand, guiding him from behind.  Jolt’s luscious chest stood in front of him, and Seduction lost himself in the forest of fur. His arms wrapped around Jolt’s waist and pulled him closer.

Jolt smiled, enjoying his master’s attention. He clasped Seduction’s shoulders and suddenly squeezed them hard.  Seduction arched out of his seat, falling to his knees and Jolt came down on top of him, forcing him to the ground. 

As their lips met, Seduction felt Jolt’s weight crush him. His biceps bulged as he strained against his slave, flipping Jolt over.  He belonged on top and the feel of Jolt now pressing up against him increased his libido.  He kissed Jolt hard and passionately. Jolt responded and Seduction lapped up the sight of Jolt’s muscular arms trying to force themselves up.

Seduction dined on his dominance, sucking Jolt’s neck, then chest.  Then Jolt’s arms began to rise.  He forced them up, lifting Seduction off him, and forcing Seduction’s arms back behind his ears.  Seduction hung above Jolt, every massive muscle straining. He willed Jolt to release him, and immediately fell back down on top of the Israeli hero.

Their lips locked once more, until Jolt twisted and shoved, knocking Seduction off him. They lay side by side, arms grappling to push the other down. Further down, their cocks clashed and connected in a sword fight that made each more determined to dominate the other.

Seduction was no weakling, and his height gave him an advantage. His long arms stretched upwards, stretching Jolt’s more than they could reach.  Seduction rolled back onto Jolt and pinned his arms high above his head.  They kissed again, the firmness of their bodies tantalising each other over and over again.

Seduction lapped up the feeling of Jolt stretched out beneath him again, tongues duelling in their mouths.  Then Jolt’s feet hooked around Seduction’s ankles, forcing his legs apart.  Distracted by the sudden move, Seduction left himself open to Jolt yanking his arms down and out.  Seduction’s arms may have been longer, but once Jolt forced them out 90 degrees sideways, he lay helpless on top of his slave. He was a starfish on the sand that scratched against his exposed torso.

Seduction pressed down on Jolt, a prisoner despite being on top. Beneath him, Jolt grinned, enjoying the eroticism of control before Seduction forced his psychic will upon him.  Seduction pinned Jolt to the floor once more. His kisses became more passionate and Jolt responded in return, as though he only ever dreamt of being conquered.

It was a joy to be in charge. For Seduction, his supremacy over Jolt symbolised his ultimate control of the world. The other’s had their power but Jolt had both power and control. He was the leader of the Legion. And with the Legion under his control, it proved that this time, Seduction’s influence could only grow.

His plans were coming to fruition faster than he’d anticipated and, so far, no one had predicted his strategy. The world was his oyster, and he was the clam that was about to engulf them.

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