Chapter 20

Hawk was dead on time; not a minute too early or late. Yet as he flew across the field, scanning the ground for any sign of Brains, he was alone. It was unlike Brains to be late. The guy was too anally retentive for that… which meant he must be hiding in the trees.

Hawk flew to the edge of the forest and circled above, trying to spot movement through the thick wall of branches. Nothing.

He landed, balancing precariously atop the tallest tree on the perimeter of the forest. It was safest there. With trees on just one side, it would be harder to attack from below. He knew Brains would be watching him from somewhere. It felt weird to be fighting a friend, but that was the whole point of the exercise.

Hawk flexed, the feathered loincloth around his midsection revealing most of his sturdy smooth body. He knew the sight of his muscles would make Brains more nervous. Brain may be smart, but his sinewy physique would never match Hawk’s more solid build. Hawk was too strong, and could fly out of reach if things got to hot.

A glint of light caught his eye in the open field. Something had moved. His eyes narrowed as he honed in on the tiny metal can that was buried in the dirt, its open end facing him. Hawk’s frown turned to surprise but before he could take flight, the cylinder fired, slamming Hawk in the chest with a foam ball.

The shock of the impact, though not painful, was enough to make Hawk lose his footing on the branch. He toppled backwards, plummeting a few meters through the thick branches until his fall was broken by a net. The Net immediately continued his downward journey, tangling around him and landing him with a soft thud on the ground. Hawk rolled onto his back to find Brains standing over him.

Brains was decorated with camouflage body paint over his face and chest. Although shirtless, as they’d always been taught for battle, he wore jeans and sneakers. He was too self-conscious to strip down further. He was the brains of the group after all. Fighting wasn’t his thing.

Hawk cursed. He should have known Brains would come early to stake the place out and lay a trap. He never would have anticipated his little remote controlled canon though. He tried fighting his way out of the net but it was impossible to find the edges. Brains put a foot on his chest and Hawke stopped struggling.

“I’m not comfortable with the next part,” Brains confesses, “so if you concede now, I can just tell you what I would have done to you.”

“Yeah, right!” Hawk said. “Give in to you when it’s being taped for the rest of the class? I don’t think so.”

Brains nodded dejected. “Then I have to humiliate you.” He sat on Hawk’s chest, facing away, and began plucking the feathers of Hawk’s loincloth.

“What are you doing?” Hawk demanded, still trying to find an opening in the netting.

“First,” Brain’s said, “I’m plucking you bare, just like I would a chicken!” He waved a feather above his shoulder for Hawke to see then reached behind him to wiggle it in Hawk’s face.

“Once you’re been plucked,” he continued, pulling off the last feather and blowing it off his palm of his hand, “I thought you might like to fuck your cousin.”

“What are you talking about?” Hawk asked, frustration filling his voice.

From the dirt beside them, Brains uncovered a brightly coloured rubber chicken. The sight of it made Hawk burst out laughing. That was not what he was expecting! Brains laughed too, and then exposed the cut hole in the anus of the chicken. Clear, thick lubricant oozed from the hole.

“Oh, no way!” Hawk laughed, until he realised Brains was serious. He began protesting loudly, but Brains was already massaging his cock to erection, and then inserted it into the chicken.

“I’m gonna kill you for this!” Hawk screamed as Brains tightened his grip and began gliding the chicken in smooth strokes up and down the length of his cock. The inside was filled with lube that tantalised the tip of his penis and made it race for a climax despite the humiliation.

Brains used both hands to hold the chicken around Hawk’s member and his strokes were firm and complete, from base to tip. Hawk groaned, his struggles ceased as the tension built. He would never live this down, but the overpowering urge to cum left him without fight. He lay there panting, eyes closed, hips rising and falling to hurry the inevitable. And when he came, Brains rode him like a rodeo bull, grinning in elation and surprise that he’d won so easily against his friend.

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