Chapter 19

Seduction circled the gymnasium, admiring the pumped physiques of the scantily clad men grunting and straining on the machinery. He was the Sultan of this harem of heroes, and they looked longingly at him as he walked by each of them, pausing briefly to watch them flex and glisten under the stark lighting.

With the exclusion of Crunch and Bounce, who were small time villains until Seduction made them great, all the men were fallen heroes. The League was no more. They belonged to him, and they worshipped him unreservedly. Only Jackhammer remained on the loose.

It bothered Seduction that he hadn’t been found, but he knew enough from the captured heroes that Jackhammer would have enacted the Omega Protocol by now, wiping their files and isolating the region from other heroes until the extent of the disaster was know. By the time any new superheroes came to the rescue, Seduction would have already used his enslaved band of super men to expand his army into an unstoppable force. Those who were no use to his goals would be destroyed. Those of value would be seduced and controlled.

He knew that Jackhammer wasn’t sitting idle since disappearing. He was forming his own army, however second rate, to retaliate. It wouldn’t be long before Jackhammer reappeared, full of determination and with his own band of would-be heroes, and while Seduction wasn’t afraid of any real threat, sometimes cunning and determination can provide an unexpected advantage. He had to be sure his own army was ready for their first big battle.

He willed each of them to push harder and smiled as they all immediately started pushing their limits even more.

Pretty boy Bounce was the weakest and youngest of all them, but the blond haired beauty had proved himself to be the most resourceful and faithful. He had defeated the powerfully muscular Quake, overpowering him in a one-on-one showdown and for his loyalty, Seduction had allowed Bounce to use Quake as his pet.
He watched them work out together. Quake lay on the ground with Bounce laying on top of him. He was using the rubber boy like an exercise band, pushing and pulling against the resistance of Bounce's stretching rubber body. He could see the thrill in Bounce’s face as the furry muscle of the Arabic stud exercised against him. Earlier, Quake has been providing the resistance while Bounce had worked out, and later, Bounce would relax with a gentle massage as he got Quake to vibrate gently against him.

Seduction’s favourite, Jolt, was showing his prowess on the chest fly. As Jolt’s arms were pulled back by the weights and his chest thrust out, Seduction just wanted to lick that perfect torso one more time. And as Jolt pulled those weights forward again, the sweat trickling down his back beckoned to Seduction just as much.

Once the leader of the Superhero’s League, Jolt now served Seduction like all the others. It made Seduction horny just thinking about his dominance of the alpha male of the League. Whoever thought power was not an aphrodisiac had never truly been in control.

Jolt’s sidekick, Fever, was bench pressing above his weight. Young and slim and oh so hunky, there was little wonder why Jolt had chosen Fever to be by his side. If not for Jolt, Seduction would have a hard time putting any of the others above Fever when it came to getting his rocks off.

Seduction stepped one foot over Fever, straddling him. He clasped the barbell and applied a little more resistance for Fever to strain against. Fever took the challenge, and Seduction closed his eyes and rode Fever’s groin as he listened to the man grunt and strain.

Having amused himself momentarily, Seduction paused in front of Crunch, the bane of Jackhammer’s life and the only man who could match, if not outdo Jackhammer in strength. The smooth skinned musclegod was bathed in sweat. A gymnasium like this was useless to a man of muscle like him, so Crunch had loaded the weights rack and lifted it high above his head as he performed an endless series of deep squats.

Seduction could help but admire the ingenuity of the villain. Later he might will Crunch into holding himself in a Lat Pull Up while he sucked off the muscle-monster’s cock. Watching those muscles strain at such close quarters was one of the many benefits he was currently enjoying. They were in the eye of the storm but the main force was coming soon. They would be ready. And waiting. Until then, he had a tidal wave of testosterone with which to pass the time…

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