Chapter 33

Seduction was bored with the game. The room stunk of pre-cum and testosterone as his harem of Heroes dripped with the anticipation of the lust he had afforded them. But Jackhammer was still a threat; not under his complete control yet and it was time to put an end to that.

With little care for his current object of desire, Seduction pushed Bounce aside, dropping him to the ground and crossing immediately to Jackhammer.. The three Heroes that were focussed on Jackhammer stepped away, leaving the muscleman free for Seduction to move right in.

Suddenly released, Jackhammer's arms slid down the wall a little before freezing in place just above his head. Seduction suppressed a smile. Did Jackhammer really think he was that stupid? He had willed Jackhammer's arms to stay in place when the others had released him. Even that slight downward movement warned Seduction that his control was wearing thin.

In a room full of supernatural beings, Jackhammer wouldn't stand a chance of escape but there was no point chancing danger now that he was this close to realising his goals, especially if his control was slipping so impossibly fast. Jackhammer had already escaped his clutches once, despite being held by his fellow Heroes. He had to admire Jackhammer's will to break free!

One day these fools would realise that their pissant efforts to right wrongs would never solve anything. They were fighting fires rather than extinguishing the cause. In his perfect new world, Seduction would remove every cause and create the perfect utopia. But before he could do that, he needed his undefeatable army. Once Jackhammer was under his permanent control, the first phase of his plan would be complete. The League could go forth and conquer, region by region, country by country, Superhero League by Superhero League.

The irony didn't escape him of how much he'd enjoyed Jackhammer's suffering when his ultimate goal was to end all suffering. But he'd also enjoyed watching Crunch get so intensely turned on by the subjugation of his nemesis; and the way each of the Superhero League had released their inner desires on each other... it was that freedom that Seduction longed to release on a global scale.

His dark taut skin glistened with a fine layer of sweat that was born from the excitement he felt. Seduction could suddenly appreciate the eroticism felt by Crunch. Jackhammer was his at last, and that made Seduction's lust all the more powerful. He wondered how he would best enjoy the final victory. To fill Jackhammer with his semen by simply fucking him seemed too crude and dull. Jackhammer had eluded him when the others hadn't. Jackhammer has started breaking free of the temporary mind control when then the others weren't able to. Jackhammer deserved something special to farewell his freedom.

He turned to the others as if they could offer answers. He knew they couldn't (and wouldn't) without his consent. Fever and Jolt had distracted themselves in each other's arms again, while Crunch remained firmly planted in his chair, hard cock in hand, watching the fate of Jackhammer keenly. Bounce had reclaimed his earlier reward, riding Quake like a horse, controlling the direction of his movement with a tug at his hair.

Smiling at the sweet diversity of their lust, Seduction turned back to Jackhammer, who had diverted his eyes to the floor… another sign that Jackhammer was progressively breaking free from his mind control. He stepped into Jackhammer and grabbed him under the chin, forcing his head up. Another brief moment of eye contact was all Seduction needed to reassert his temporary control. Then he could bend Jackhammer over and fuck him until his semen took permanent control.

Behind them, Jolt and Fever rolled on the ground, tongues sword-fighting in a passionate kiss, arms and legs entwined, oblivious to Jackhammer's plight. Quake trotted on all fours around the room as Bounce straddled his back, kicking his ribs with hairless thighs to make him go faster. They speed around the room as though the hard cold floor had no impact on Quake's knees.

They reached the door and Bounce edged Quake on further. Quake pulled alongside the doorway and Bounce opened it, letting them through to the next room.

"Giddy-up!" Bounce hooted, urging Quake through the door. Quake whinnied like a pathetic imitation of a horse and did as he was instructed, the door creaking shut as they passed into the other room.

He stopped suddenly and Bounce caught himself from toppling off. Before them, four young men stood before him, stripped for action and looking like they meant business. They were breathing heavily from nerves but standing firm. Quake worked it out right away - in Jackhammer's situation, he would have called on The Brotherhood himself. But Bounce looked on bemused, surprised to find himself faced with other guys his age. He didn't realise that he'd just triggered the war …

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