Chapter 28

Jackhammer snorted, expelling the last whiff of the chloroform from his nostrils. His face was level with Jolt's sensational chest and as his head cleared from the effects of the drug, he considered head butting those beautiful pecs to send Jolt flying across the room. Jolt was his friend though; his mentor. And he didn't want to hurt him if he could help it.

With his strength returning, Jackhammer straightened his sagging knees, raising himself up to look Jolt in the eye and ease the strain on his wrists shackled high above him. They stared each other down and his defiance seemed to amuse Jolt. When Jolt's smirk finally faded, he wrapped an arm around Jackhammer's waist and pulled their bodies together.

Jolt's lips hovered millimetres off Jackhammer's as his furry chest scratched against Jackhammer's arched torso.

"When you were my pupil, I could never take advantage of you," Jolt said, speaking louder than necessary, "but Seduction has shown me that boundaries can overlap the different parts of our life. You… are beautiful. And right now, you're mine."

Jolt's free hand pressed against the back of Jackhammer's head, pressing their lips together in a passionate kiss that Jackhammer wasn't inclined to resist. On the one hand, a passionate liaison with Jolt was something that had always sat at the back of his mind. And on the other hand, letting Jolt seduce him might lead to an opportunity for escape. Either way it was a win.

Through his tight shorts, Jolt was already hard, and Jackhammer reciprocated in his arms; his cock poking teasingly at Jolt's shorts, leaving a patter of tiny cum stains where it danced against the material.

Jolt's smooth palm slid down Jackhammer's neck then shifted angle to run well trimmed nails down the length of Jackhammer's back. Jackhammer let a slight moan escape at the sensation as Jolt now slid his hands up the length of Jackhammer's arms and his mouth found it's way to Jackhammer's neck.

"Don't react," Jolt whispered between suckles. "I'm going to free your shackles... Keep your arms in position… and wait until I leave... The door will be unlocked…Wait a few minutes so I can clear the way, then run like hell."

"Oh, yes!" Jackhammer gasped in response as he felt the cuffs around his wrist release. He clasped the chains to keep his arms in place. He let out a loud groan of pleasure, cueing Jolt to step back.

"You stupid fuck," Jolt laughed loudly. "Did you really think I'd want you after all this time?"

Jackhammer realised the room must be bugged. He panted and glared at Jolt, playing his part perfectly (of course!) "You bastard," he gasped.

Jolt shook his head with a smirk and walked out the room.

Jackhammer scanned the room for cameras, finding none. That gave him more time. If the room was only bugged for audio, he didn't have to rush. He just had to be quiet. He waited 2 eternal minutes, wondering how he could find his way out of the lair without knowing the layout. He had to trust in Jolt to leave clear signs of some kind.

When the two minutes were up, Jackhammer dropped his arms from the shackles and rolled his shoulders to relieve the stiffness. He unfastened his ankles and made for the door, pausing to listen before opening it. The neighbouring room was empty with one of two doors ajar. Was that the path?

He tested the closed door and found it locked, meaning the door left ajar must be Jolt's clue. He slipped into the next room and stopped surprised. Jolt was standing at the far end of the room, naked, with his back to Jackhammer. His hips thrust back and forth rhythmically and his firm buns clenched as if reacting to some kind of stimuli.

"Jolt?" Jackhammer asked, just as a powerful blow from behind sent Jackhammer sprawling onto the floor. He heard the door slam shut behind him and a knee dropped painfully onto his backbone. Sharp twinges streaked along the length of his spine as powerful hands gripped his wrists from behind and yanked his arms backward. Jackhammer was hauled to his knees, arched back against the hard knee of his attacker, arms pulled out and back, crucifying him. Only one person could be strong enough to torture Jackhammer so badly. Crunch!

As Jackhammer's face contorted in pain, Jolt turned to face him, his hard cock moist; his face grinning. Behind Jolt, Seduction sat in all his naked glory; a black beauty that emanated sensuality.

Jackhammer couldn't hide his reaction as Seduction wiped his mouth and stood, stepping around Jolt to approach his prisoner. He had never met Seduction in person and seeing the ebony beauty up close, he immediately knew how the villain had earned his name.

Jackhammer averted his eyes from Seduction's beautiful face. The eyes would mesmerise him. It was a stare that would put him under the villain's control. He dared not look into Seduction's face.

Oh, what a fool he'd been! His desperate need to believe in Jolt had lead him into Seduction's trap. How could he have believed Jolt would withstand Seductions mind control when no one else could?! With The Brotherhood dead and his fighting companion all controlled by Seduction, Jackhammer was the last hero standing. If he let Seduction control him too, there would be no hope for anyone.

Seduction grabbed Jackhammer's face and lifted it to look him in the eye. Jackhammer squeezed his eyes shut tight, hoping to God that Crunch didn't force his eyes open, but the pain of Jolt's treachery hurt deep and his eyes began to sting from the tears that welled up against his will. Until now, Jolt's capture had felt like nothing more than a kidnapping, but for the first time he was really realised the true extend of his loss. Jolt was no longer on his side. None of them were. His mentor was gone; an ally to the dark side. Jackhammer was cut him to the core. Jackhammer couldn't let himself give up but suddenly there was nothing left to fight for. He blinked away the tears and in that split second, Seduction's eyes locked onto his.

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