Chapter 25

"Ambush!" Jackhammer yelled over the rumble. Quake's destructive tremors sent plaster and concrete cascading down upon them.

Both sides reacted simultaneously. Vis vanished from sight, engaging his invisibility cloak as Crunch surged into the room, leading Seduction's deadly army of super heroes.

O'Shay dove for cover behind an upturned table while his other compatriots lost their balance, collapsing in every direction.

Quake killed his tremors as Crunch entered the room, followed by Jolt, Fever and Bounce. The enemy troupes were outnumbered but they were on their feet, unlike The Brotherhood.

Simmi leapt up the moment the tremors stopped and scaled the wall, ready to attack from above. Crunch made a beeline to Jackhammer, lifting Gill from the floor on his way through and throwing him into the air. Sparks showered the room as Gill collided with florescent lighting. He bounced off the electrics and plummeted to the ground; his fall cushioned by the rubbery skin of Bounce who had hesitated underneath him.

Brains grabbed the leg of a broken table, brandishing it as a sword while Hawk lifted himself into the air. Unlike the enemy, who was minimally dressed for maximum effectiveness, The Brotherhood was still loaded down with clothes and baggage. Hawk struggled out of his backpack as his feet left the ground but Fever rammed him head-first in the gut. Hawk crashed back into the wall, winded.

Gyan tackled Jolt, his muscular build forcing Jolt to stagger back from the force of the assault. They grappled valiantly with Gyan using his momentum to drop Jolt to his knees. Jolt landed a punch in Gyan's side, sending the teacher staggering away. They rose to face each other and Brains slipped behind Jolt, raising the iron table leg ready to strike. Behind him though, Fever pounced, wrapping his arms around Brains and enabling his heat powers to burn Brains enough to make the kid thrash and scream.

Jolt reached out his arms, sending out enough volts of electricity to neutralise the teacher. Behind him, Simmi leaped off the fractured wall onto Fever, landing a blow at the base of Fever's neck. Fever dropped to the ground, releasing Brains, and Simmi landed on his back and wrapped a firm arm around Fever's throat, choking him. Fever grabbed Simmi's arm and applied heat to force the youth to release him.

Crunch, meanwhile, arrived at Jackhammer's side, lifting him from the ground and throwing him against the wall. The concrete cracked from the force of the impact. Before Jackhammer had finished grunting from the blow, Crunch was upon him again, grabbing Jackhammer around the throat and sliding him up the wall.  Crunch fisted him in the face, making Jackhammer see stars.

"You're mine now!" Crunch smiled. Jackhammer choked and landed an undercut. The satisfying 'crack!' on Crunch's jaw sent the muscleman flying backwards. Above them, Hawk plummeted downwards to join the fray again. He landed an elbow on the top of Crunch's head, dropping him to the ground. Hawk rose back into the air, only to decent down upon Crunch again with a fist to his gut that was backed by Hawk's momentum. Crunch grunted and struck Hawk in the temple with a wild fist.

Jackhammer leaned against the wall momentarily catching his breath, watching Hawk crash to the floor. That was going to be one hell of a headache! Hetore some exposed piping from the wall and bent the lead rod into a noose, advancing on Crunch. Jolt suddenly appeared at his side, shooting a fierce stream of electricity from his fingertips. Jackhammer's body locked, convulsing from the current.

Crunch rose and produce a white handkerchief from the back of his pants. Jackhammer watched his approach, teeth clenched, unable to move.

Jolt ceased his attack and Jackhammer collapsed against the wall.

"You're one weakness," Crunch said, shoving the cloth over Jackhammer's face, "is that your not smart enough to rely on anything more than your muscles."

The pungent smell of chloroform filled Jackhammer's nostrils. He fought off the darkness but the battle lasted less than a minute. He faded into darkness with the sight of his nemesis grinning in his face.

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