Chapter 18

Jackhammer stepped aside to let the students pass, feeling a twinge of excitement about their next lesson. They glanced casually at him as they passed, but their focus was engulfed by conversations about who they had to fight tomorrow and how easily there were going to whip the other’s arse.

“Telepathy is not one of my abilities, Mr Hammer, but since you think they’re so advanced, you’re welcome to help me adjudicate if you wish.”

Jackhammer looked up at the teacher who seemed unamused by his presence. Gyan approached them without extending a welcoming hand.

“The only reason these kids are being put through tomorrow’s ordeal is for you,“ he continued. “The lesson plan is deliberate to see if these kids will be up for the death sentence you seem intent of giving them.”

“They’re more than kids,” Jackhammer challenged. “How old is the youngest? 23?”


“Old enough. Win or lose tomorrow, you make them all ready. They’re our only hope.”

“Melodrama doesn’t suit you, Mr Hammer. Nor does your handbag.” Gyan shot a glance at O’Shay then pushed through them but Jackhammer wasn’t ready to let him leave yet. He caught Gyan by the arm and twirled him around.

“What’s your problem?” Jackhammer asked.

“Did he just insult me?” O’Shay smarted but no one responded

“I have nothing to say to you, Mr Hammer.”

“The name is Jackhammer.”

“And I’m sure you’ll be called many more things before this is over,” Gyan retorted, pulling his arm free. “Heroes are supposed to protect the people, not send them out to be killed. These students may be our best, but they’re far from ready to face an enemy like Seduction. How do you expect these boys to do what your entire League couldn’t?”

“This time we’ll be ready,” Jackhammer said, “We’ll go in prepared and with a plan. I know the League and their weaknesses. We’ll take them back with surprise on our side this time. The Brotherhood will be safe. I’ll be in charge and in front. They’ll just be there to offer distraction.”

“And so will I,’ Gyan said. “I may not have abilities like your’s, Mr Hammer, but I’ve dedicated my life to making sure these boys are protected. Don’t think for a minute that I won’t be there with them, right to the end.”

“Oh that’ll be fun.” O’Shay rolled his eyes.

“That’s fine by me,” Jackhammer said. “Just as long as you remember who’s in charge and you do as I say, when I say it.”

Gyan said nothing and for a moment, Jackhammer felt a slight tingle in his head. He realised his mind had just been scanned.

“You’ve got yourself a deal,” Gyan said. “I don’t like this one iota, but you mean what you say. That’s all I can expect.”

Jackhammer refrained from grabbing Gyan around the throat, slamming him against the wall and telling him exactly what would happen if he ever scanned his mind without permission again. A smile flickered discretely across Jackhammer’s lips as he thought of the satisfaction that would bring. But having Gyan on side might help keep The Brotherhood focussed, and the extra manpower might also help when the heat was on. Gyan looked pretty strong for a Normal. If nothing else, he could pin O’Shay to the floor and keep him out of Jackhammer’s way. That in itself would be a Godsend.

The two men shook hands.

“Meet me here tomorrow after lunch and we’ll review the footage of the boy’s matches,” Gyan instructed.

“What about the one facing you? Don’t you think that’s a bit unfair?” O’Shay interjected. “I mean, getting fucked by your teacher… is that even legal?”

Gyan smiled. “There is always a reason behind my actions. You may be surprised by what that match will achieve.” And with that, he walked away, leaving O’Shay scratching his head.

“Well!” said the Headmaster. “Who’s fighting who? Tomorrow will tell. Isn’t the suspense enthralling! Shall we microwave some popcorn?”

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