Chapter 6

Fever’s fingers tightened over Jolt’s throat, the smooth hands like a silk noose.  Jolt wheezed a final breath, and strained against the ropes that kept him splayed out in the tray of inch-deep water.  If not for that, he could have used his powers to jolt each aggressor off him with a zap of electricity.

His eyes began to bulge.  His mind raced. Seduction was a master villain, but he had an agenda. Why would he bring Jolt back here only to kill him off so quickly?

Out of sight, Bounce fastened the pace of his tight strokes on Jolt’s erect penis.  Jolt’s mouth opened wide in a grimace that almost mimicked the open-mouthed smile of Fever as he bent over to press his lips on Jolt's.

The trapped hero's face was changing shades, and then his cock exploded, shooting its warm bleached liquid high in the air.  His body convulsed in surprisingly violent spasms, and through the ringing in his ears, Jolt could hear Bounce laughing excitedly.

Fever released the strangle hold and kiss, and air tore into Jolt’s lungs, burning with the sheer speed it entered.  The final orgasm pulsed through him, slamming into the rush of air, causing him to shudder and gargle as though facing the death tremors.

He lay their panting, bulging eyes slowly returning to their sockets. His mighty chest heaved and Bounce stepped back in sight, clapping his hands and grinning ear to ear.

“That was awesome!” he chuckled. “You almost shot me in the eye!”  The mention of it sent him into peels of laughter. And then Seduction came back into view; his shadow falling over Jolt like the Grim Reaper himself.

“You did well,” Seduction said to Bounce, without taking his gaze from Jolt. “You will have your reward.”  He leaned closer, speaking now to Jolt. “As for you, my friend, I can see the confusion in your eyes. Something so pleasurable, yet filled with fear?”  He toyed with Jolt’s nipple, still sensitive to the touch.  “That’s the life I promise you.  Tell me you don’t want it.”

“Go to Hell,” Jolt snapped.

Seduction laughed.  “Only with you by my side,” he said.  He clicked his fingers and Jolt felt his ankles get untied.  Seduction moved to the end of the tray and climbed in, lifting Jolt’s legs to make room for him to kneel inside the shallow enclosure.

Jolt immediately thrust up, locking his legs around Seduction’s head.

“That’s it!” Seduction crooned, pressing his broad chest into the back of Jolt’s legs.  “Clear the way and let me inside you!”  He slapped Jolt’s butt cheeks, making no attempt to remove himself from the leg lock.  Nor did he seem bothered by it, even as Jolt tried twisting at the hips to force Seduction away.

“You have the power of electricity,” Seduction grinned, keeping his ground. “Any other power is mine.”

His long fingers clasped Jolt’s arse and spread the cheeks wide.  Jolt could feel Seduction’s throbbing penis dancing against him.  He clenched, but Seduction had already entered him with two fingers that tickled his anus in search of the prostate.

Jolt’s legs dropped from around Seduction’s neck.  He bent his knees and lifted his hips, but the move just made it easier for Seduction to dig deeper.  Jolt gave a little cry as Seduction’s fingers found his g-spot, brushing over the soft walnut in a slow downward stroke.  He found himself tense up, then the muscles relaxed with a slight shiver that left goose bumps all over.

Seduction’s free hand hooked under Jolt’s leg and raised it.  He removed his probing fingers and lifted Jolt’s other leg; his throbbing, magical manhood finding its way into Jolt’s hole with a life of it’s own.  Seduction’s back straightened; the powerful, chocolate chest pressing between Jolt’s dangling legs.  His biceps flexed under the weight of holding them up. 

Jolt lay there, mouth open, filling his lungs with deep, gasping breaths.  He didn’t struggle. He couldn’t.  Not now that Seduction’s penetrating pupils had morphed into a swirling vortex of darkness that sucked any fight from him. 

The battle had been lost.  Even now, before Seduction’s semen had entered his body and taken hold of him, Jolt was already under his power; another pawn in Seduction’s growing army of victory.

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