Chapter 21

The cool water caressed Gill’s skin, making him feel more relaxed and confident as he glided effortlessly under the surface. The rush of oxygen feeding into his paws from the water gave him strength and he tensed his muscles to enjoy the sense of power he now felt.

He surfaced by the gentle waterfall and quickly scanned for Simmi. The monkey boy was aimlessly leaping from rock to rock along the side of the cliff in plain view. A heshan bag was slung over Simmi’s shoulder, presumably carrying some kind of tool he could use in the fight.

Gill submerged himself and came up under the waterfall where he wouldn’t be seen. Simmi wasn’t an idiot. If he was in plain sight, it was a deliberate ploy to lure Gill to him. Gill scaled the rockface under the waterfall until he was alongside Simmi, who by now had stopped playing and was looking out over the river for any sign of his tardy opponent.

Gill watched from under the cascading water but as if suddenly sensing Gill’s presence, Simmi turned to look straight at him and edged himself onto the ledge next to the waterfall. Gill leapt out from beneath the white foaming torrent, bowling Simmi over. They crashed onto the rocky ledge but Simmi immediately kicked up and twisted, reversing their positions with the grace of an acrobat.

Gill grunted as Simmi sat on his chest, knees pinning his arms.

“Got a present for you,” Simmi smiled and discarded his bag into the river after extracting what looked like a battery charged powerdrill. Gill stopped his struggles and frowned at the contraption, suddenly recognising it as a hairdryer.

A supercharged hot blast of air engulfed Gill’s face and hair, drying him off within seconds. Simmi smiled, and reached behind him, toyfully drying off Gill’s crotch and stomach.

“No water, no abilities,” Simmi grinned, enjoying the look of surprise on Gill’s face.

“Sonofabitch!” Gill yelled and kicked out, knocking the drier from Simmi’s hand. As Simmi reached to collect it, Gill kicked out again, bowling him off. He leapt on Simmi immediately, but Simmi’s back hit the rock ledge, preventing Gill from getting on top of him.

Simmi kicked against the wall, rolling himself back on top, but Gill swung up, catching him in a reverse headlock. He wrapped his legs around Simmi’s waist and squeezed. Simmi planted his palms and performed a press up that lifted both their bodies off the ground. Gill clung tight however, refusing to let Simmi shake him free.

As they dropped to the ground again, Gill twisted one of Simmi’s hands behind his back. Simmi cried out, barely able to move now, and Gill savoured the feeling of Simmi’s sinewy body pressed against his own. He’d not thought of this classmate in that way before, but pressed together so intimately now, and knowing what was to come, he felt himself already going hard.

Simmi used his free hand to reach up blindly to slap at Gill’s face. Gill turned his head away but a lucky hit caught him in the eye. He yelped, instinctively releasing Simmi and clutching his face. Simmi pulled himself out of the leg lock and leapt to his feet. Gill looked up at Simmi towering above him, silhouetted by the sun behind him, creating an exaggerated vision of dominance. He did the only thing he could think of. He kicked out, sending Simmi reeling off the edge of the ledge.

Simmi screamed as he plummeted into the river below. Gill rolled over to the edge, just in time to see Simmi hit the water safely. For a moment he’d had visions of accidentally killing his friend. He jumped over the edge and dived into the river, surfacing behind Simmi who was spluttering and clinging to the rock face.

Gill glided in behind Simmi and pressed his body into Simmi’s back. He grabbed Simmi’s arms and stretched them out, effectively crucifying him face-first into the rock. The water was Gill’s domain. He didn’t need anything to hold him against Simmi’s back. He could press in as hard as he wanted without any effort, and that’s just what he did.

Simmi voiced his exasperation but he was sandwiched and pinned except for the few lightning seconds when Gill released him to whip off his shorts before pinning him again. Gill’s hard cock rubbed against Simmi’s buttocks now.

Somehow, despite the losing position he was in, Simmi felt comforted having Gill pressing into his back like that and he began to grow hard himself. In the water, he had no footing to fight back. Unless the opportunity arose for him to get onto land again, there was nothing he could do. He let his muscles relax, and when Gill entered him from behind, his body welcomed the intrusion of his friend.

Gill thrust gently, his breath heavy, the water lubricating their skin. He suckled Simmi’s neck and heard Simmi softly moan before craning his head around for a kiss. Their eyes closed and their bodies rose and fell in sync with the waves lapping against the rock. They moved as one, Gill’s legs bending up between Simmi’s forcing his prisoner to sit on his lap and ride him. He released Simmi’s wrists and pulled the monkey boy into a tender full nelson, letting Simmi arch right back against him as Gill erupted inside of him.

When the convulsions stopped, and the duo separated and Simmi turned to face Gill. They were seeing each other in an unexpected new light, and Gill felt an overwhelming urge now to satisfy his mate. He glided in, pressing Simmi back against the rock face. They kissed passionately and as the pressure of his chest on Simmi’s held them afloat, Gill reached down to begin caressing Simmi’s cock. Simmi’s head fell back as he gave another moan and Gill stroked the eager shaft even faster. This wasn’t part of the lesson. They were probably still being filmed from Gyan’s hidden cameras, but right now he couldn’t see how such ecstasy could possibly be called a fail.

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