Chapter 8

It was easy work holding Jackhammer in the air above him, and Crunch enjoyed the view of the muscled Asian’s straining body has it hung like a hammock in his hold.

“You’re flying now, Astro Boy!” he laughed, making reference to Jack’s heritage.

Jackhammner’s body trembled with the strain, and sweat began dripping from his face. With a painful twist of the hips, he swung his butt up towards the roof of the car, releasing himself from the back-breaking arch he was hanging in. The move toppled him over and he landed with a thud on the back seat.

Crunch reacted immediately, sitting up and ramming an elbow in Jackhammer’s stomach. Jack doubled over, winded and felt a muscled arm wrap around his neck from behind. The choke hold tightened and Crunch locked Jackhammer into a half-nelson.

Jackhammer gagged, his face going red as his free hand clawed fruitlessly against Crunch’s choke. He couldn’t breathe and the back seat of the car left little room for manoeuvring. He brought his knees up to his chest and kicked out, as hard as he could against the seat.

The force of the kick slammed him back against Crunch and the crack of metal snapping echoed in the chamber as the driver’s seat snapped from its mooring. It tilted over the dashboard and the duo shot over the seat’s backing and through the broken windscreen, catapulting off the car and onto the road. The impact separated them and Jackhammer staggered to his feet, rubbing his throat.

Crunch rose to his feet confidently, smiling.

“Had enough?” he asked, clenching and unclenching his fists menacingly.

“The party’s just starting,” Jackhammer grinned. Somehow, he felt alive, despite almost being taken down a moment ago. It felt good to finally face a real challenge.

They lunged at each other and as their hands grasped each other’s shoulders, Crunch twisted around, spinning on the spot to slip in behind Jackhammer. He hauled his opponent into a full nelson but Jackhammer dropped to the ground, slipping out of the hold and somersaulting backwards between Crunch’s legs. He ended in a standing position, pulling Crunch into a full nelson instead.

Crunch roared, massive biceps powering down, but Jackhammer pulled back hard, lifting Crunch’s feet off the ground. The full nelson was one of Jackhammer’s favourite holds: two bodies pressed tightly together, oiled by sweat; groin on arse; muscles straining; and when you’re stretching your opponent so tightly, it’s hard for them to breath. What wasn’t to like about all that?

“You think you’re up for some Asian Persuasion?” Jackhammer puffed, lifting Crunch’s feet off the ground again.

Crunch growled like a wounded animal and kicked back with his feet, connecting with Jackhammer’s shins. Crunch bent at the hips, flipping Jackhammer over his shoulders. Jackhammer landed on his feet in front of Crunch but as he looked up, a fist connected with his cheek. He spin around from the blow, crashing head first into a brick wall.

Crunch grabbed Jackhammer by the hair and slammed him head first into the wall again. Bricks crumbled against the force and Jackhammer staggered. His eyes were glazed over as he fell back against the wall, reaching up to pull Crunch’s hand from his head. His torso was left exposed and Crunch landed a fist in Jackhammer’s stomach.

Jackhammer fell to his knees gagging. Crunch moved in behind him, standing over his back now. Bone-crushing thighs squeezed around Jackhammer’s ribcage and Crunch dropped backwards to the ground, hauling Jackhammer face up over him. Jackhammer cried out. The leg lock squeezed against his ribs as two arms hooked under his own and pulled him into a full nelson.

The opposing forces of Crunch’s legs and arms threatened to rip Jackhammer in half. It was a torture rack like Jackhammer had never experienced. He was stretched to breaking point and still Crunch was taking it further. There was no air left in Jackhammer’s lungs. His ribs were being crushed. And the daylight that danced on his tormented body was fast fading to black.

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