Chapter 4

Jolt woke with a start, his entire body aching from the electric shock he’d suffered.  He was tied to the four corners of a shallow tray that kept him in an inch of tepid water.  He struggled against the ropes that lashed his wrists and ankles, attracting the attention of his captors with the splashing.

“Welcome back,” Bounce grinned, bounding over to Jolt’s side.  “The boss is a bit busy right now, but I’m sure he’ll be with you soon.” 

He pointed across the room and Jolt’s eyes followed.  Fever was lashed front-first to a 6ft block of solid ice, his arms wrapped around the rectangular sculpture as though hugging it.  His face was turned towards Jolt’s, distress and fear evident in his eyes.

Behind him, Seduction pressed against Fever’s back in slow rhythmic thrusts that stemmed from the villain’s naked groin.  Seduction’s fingers wrapped around Fever’s torso, squeezing inbetween the flesh and the ice to dance amongst Fever’s chest hair. 

Jolt could see Fever trying to melt the ice with his heated hands, but with so much of his body pressed into it, Fever was having a hard time generating enough heat to escape.  God knows how long he’d been lashed to it, cooling his body temperature before he’d come to his senses enough to try using his power.

Seduction had entered Fever from behind, thrusting his unseen tool deep into his prey.  Any moment now, he would climax inside and the viral semen would put Fever under his captor’s control.

Their breathing was heavy and the surprising gentleness of Seduction’s erotic gyrations would have turned Jolt on in better circumstances.

As if sensing this, Bounce stood over Jolt’s shoulder and began massaging the prisoner’s chest, ensuring he didn’t obstruct the view.  He toyed with Jolt’s nipples and stretched down to fondle the hair that snaked up the navel.

Jolt struggled against his bonds again, looking up at the pretty boy’s face hovering above him.

“What are you doing, Bounce?” he growled. “You’re out of your league!”  But even as he said it, he knew Bounce had been the first to fall under Seduction’s control.

Bounce grinned, an elastic arm stretching down to Jolt’s groin, and it was then that Jolt realised he’d been stripped naked too.  His back arched as rubber-like fingers encircled his cock like a well-fitted condom. All Jolt could see now was the smooth, supple torso of his tormentor; pink nipples hard and erect, only millimetres from his lips.

He groaned softly and he arched again as the fingers began stroking in a steady rhythm that matched Seduction’s conquest.  Jolt turned away from the circular pink temptations above him and looked back at his hapless assistant.  Fever’s mouth was open wide in a silent gasp.  Seduction’s hands had snaked up Fever’s chest to hold him unnecessarily in a full nelson. 

Sweat trickled down Seduction’s back. He pressed his cheek against the back of Fever’s head, eyes closed as his thrusting became more urgent.  He nibbled on Fever’s earlobe and suddenly convulsed with a gargled moan.  His knees buckled slightly and his grip tightened on Fever as he exploded inside his captive.  Fever gave a little cry, shuddering too before his body relaxed and he slumped against the ice.

Jolt also uttered a cry, as the dismay of his friend’s plight coalesced with the building tension in his own cock.  Bounce was tugging hard now; harder and faster, his torso stretched down then length of Jolt’s so that his moist lips taunted the tip of Jolt’s dick with each downward stoke.  His stomach pressed down on Jolt’s cheek, forcing the hero to face Fever’s demise.

Seduction had stepped back from Fever now and was untying his latest convert.  He took Fever’s hand and led him over to Jolt’s side.  Bounce moved to the opposite side of the water-logged tray, careful not to break the pulse of his handywork below.

Jolt closed his eyes tight to avoid Seduction’s gaze.

“Don’t worry,” Seduction laughed, running a finger up Jolt’s torso. “I don’t need to mesmerise you. You’re already my prisoner.  But you will be my slave.”

“Never!” Jolt gasped, close to orgasm.  He opened his eyes and clenched every aching muscle in a vain attempt to prevent himself from cumming.

“Then die,” Seduction said, and stepped aside.  Fever stepped in; a once-trusty sidekick and friend.  And with a calm and unflinching face, Fever grabbed Jolt around the throat and squeezed.

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